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Enhanced Direct Primary Care
built to reduce employee claims and stop-loss premiums

Vitable's enhanced direct primary care membership with concierge in-home visits and telemedicine, combined with free prescriptions and mental health care, effectively contains rising healthcare costs for self-insured employers and delivers strong return on investment.


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Proven Return on Investment

Layering Vitable DPC on top of existing self-funded plans have shown to remove an average of 10.1% in claims. Resulting in up to 200% in return on investment.

Improved recruitment & retention

Vitable delivers an average 100% or higher utilization with 3x higher engagement than the industry standard. All with 94 in NPS score and 4.8 out of 5 in satisfaction ratings.

Increased Employee Productivity

Adding Vitable means healthier and happier employees, both mentally and physically. Resulting in an average of 2x stronger staff retention and 27% improvement in productivity by drastically reducing paid sick days. 

Health Care Made Simple

National Network of partners and primary care providers

Our plans are designed with employee's health outcomes and employer's bottomline in mind. Our tech-enabled care delivery model leverages virtual and in-home visits to minimize unnecessary costs in offering delightful primary care. Visits made within the Vitable network come with the added benefit of free prescriptions, mental health counseling, women's health programs, free dependent coverage, and zero out-of-pocket costs.

Health Care Made Simple

Level-Funded MEC coverage layered on top our network of national partners and 1099 providers

Our plans are designed with your client’s bottom line in mind. Our tech-enabled care delivery model leverages a virtual-first approach to primary care with the added benefits of in-home visits, reducing unnecessary claims. Visits made within the Vitable network come with the added benefit of zero out-of-pocket costs.

Effective Cost Containment Solution

Broker ROI Calculator

From deep reduction in primary care, urgent care, mental health, labs, and Rx claims to decrease in stop-loss attachment points, see how much your clients can save by adding Vitable.

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